Sandstone Slabs

posted; 06/30/06 Here’s a few shots thrown together of a few projects that I had put together with some sandstone. The bench in the upper-right is a sandstone called Tennessee Web-wall. I guess the locals have named it as such because the striking rings of mineral elements in the sandstone look like webbing. I’ve not […]

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Concept Drawing leads to project.

posted; 06/27/06 Patio, lower landing area, and stone courtyard combined with space to add a spa bring together everything you need for a dynamic outdoor space. These elements are all show in collaboration with each other in this rendering. The clients were very happy with this layout and the only real changes will be to […]

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Doodling a Landscape Rendering

posted; 06/26/06 This was the simple black line drawing before anything was done. Rendering after adding some color pencil, decided to just fool around with pencils this morning, and not soak up any fumes from markers. I don’t really like to render in pencil only, I use pencils to enhance the marker work done for […]

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Land+Living Network

posted; 06/25/06 On the 22nd James Lippincott from gave me a shout out in his “Clippings” area. I would like to thank James and at the same time suggest you take a look at their site. They look at any; and all sorts of design-no matter the field. Design is design. Land+Living will track […]

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Been a few days . . .

posted; 06/25/06 I have actually not seen a computer since Thursday, I had been camping for a few days, so I had been away from posting-obviously. Tomorrow I find out how some of my other presentation drawings worked out and will share that info here.

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Sphere, searching for blogs.

posted; 06/20/06 Just wanted to make a mention of this web site. Sphere has listed me as one of the most relevant blogs for “Landscape Design”. A big thanks from me, as my little presence continues to grow on the WWW. I will continue to try and bring relevant info on design to this site, […]

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Further Pergola Study

posted; 06/16/06 Another rendering of the site-before any labeling. This is at an angle further back than yesterday’s post. Also no embellishment, dots doo-dads etc. Looks strange without those final little marks to make a presentation drawing. I will probably present this in the initial meeting-because we are in the exploratory stage. Not the stage […]

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