Hot Tub . . . where does it go? (2)

posted, 09/27/06 Looking from the Other Direction This drawing was done to show the homeowners how this would look from the other direction. This view shows the relationship between the new patio and the small retaining wall. The patio shown here really gives the viewer a better idea of its size for the new landscape. […]

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WCI migration continues

“To do Great Work” Oh so slowly, I am moving everything off of my Blogger site, and getting it over here. It appears xmas is going to get in the way. Relatives, and get togethers, etc., but it is going to happen. Most of the post have a date on them showing when they were […]

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Hot Tub . . . where does it go?

posted, 09/26/06 This is the existing landscape I was asked to come up with an idea for a designed space where the seating area was extended out onto the existing lawn, a perennial/cutting garden above the wall, and find a place for a hot-tub. It made sense to tie the hot-tub into the deck space […]

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Bloglines re-subscribe

posted, 09/00/06-posted while using Blogger I’ve noticed that I have the dreaded red exclamation mark in my Bloglines feed, plus a reader of mine was kind enough to point out the problem also; thanks Anna. What I had done in the past was go back to the site and just re-subscribe to the url, I […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (10)

posted, 09/24/06 Somewhere in Southeastern Ohio 300 million plus year-old sandstone formation. The younger sandstone at the top is harder than that below, accounting for the awesome overhang. I also appreciate the interplay of light and shadow, something all designers should work for. Though we rarely get to work at this scale. From the top […]

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Einstein . . . on Nature

. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true¬†art and science.” –Albert Einstein “I shall never believe that God plays dice with the World.” –Albert Einstein – Some Trees – “You and I Are suddenly what the trees try To tell us who we are; That […]

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Another great Link

posted, 09/00/06 During the last week I had several folks stop by and drop comments on several different topics, this of course, leads you to look at their sites. One of those commenter’s Alina Chau who is a illustrator and artist. And a artist she is. I hope everyone takes a look at her site. […]

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Residential Plan View Drawing

posted, 09/20/06 Residential Plan View This is an example of a plan view drawing. Most in this industry call this the master plan drawing. The reasoning behind this, everything is on the plan. The hardscape layouts, fence lines, driveway, bed areas, and all plants are labeled.

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So, what is a quick-cut saw???

posted, 09/00/06 Stihl cut-off saw This Stihl cut-off saw is often called a “quik-kut” saw or a “quickie” saw. Guys in the trade refer to these saws that way for an obvious reason-they’re fast. They get the job done quickly and for the most part efficiently. Stihl; of course, is not the only maker of […]

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Now thats a Chain-Saw !!!

posted, 09/00/06 In order to get this circle . . . The contractor was trying to get some old foundation stone circled up to create a firepit for a backyard entertaining area. Previous times we would have used a quik-cut saw with a 12″ or 14″ circular blade. Which would have meant more handling of […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (9)

posted, 09/17/06 Stones and Water Yes I seem a little prejudice when it comes to stone and water. I will always feel that the most powerful element added to any designed space is water because it works on so many levels, but the element that adds a sense of permanence, and definition is stone. After […]

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Sketchbook #2

posted, 09/16/06 Waterfeature This was a black and white line drawing I had scanned from one of my idea books, and turned into a color drawing using Paintnet. I guess what I am really doing is using several different types of mediums now when I doodle. I have often talked about how important it is […]

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