Migration continues (2)

Down to less than 5 or so more post to move over here. Plus some link material, and a look at how categories work here vs, where I’ve been. I see there have been a few visitors drop in before the actual grand-opening. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions e-mail […]

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The Art of Arborculture

posted, 12/15/06 Arborculture is the art and practice of doing unusual things with trees to create living works of art. There are even practitioners who grow trees to only cut them down and create furniture. The photo on the right is a living sculpture by the father of the movement Axel Erlandson. The 6 Sycamores […]

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A few interesting sites

posted, 12/14/06 A couple of sites worth a visit: ***A blog for a landscape company in Santa Cruz, Ca. One of the few blogs I’ve seen at a landscape website. They are using this blog to promo their work and it looks much better than the typical static landscape website. Kudos to Silver Tree Designs. […]

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Martha Schwartz interview

I just ran across this interview in Metropolismag.com. I was hoping to read a good in-depth, insightful interview. Let’s just say I was disappointed. it comes across a one of those 20 pop questions type of interviews. Not quite what’s your favorite color, instead we get . . . bookmarks? Bookmarks? Martha doesn’t have any […]

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Trees for the Future

posted, 12/00/06 Local children working to make their village a better place to live: A denuded hillside in Central America: If you have any interest working/supporting an organization the does reforestation work let me suggest Trees for the Future. I met Dave Deppner several years ago and immediately liked the man. he is honest, sincere, […]

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Sandstone Thoughts, continued

posted, 12/00/06 The steps from a wider angle: On 12/7 I posted a close-up of the stone steps, showing some of the detail. I was after a look of strong yet informal steps that led out on to the lawn. These steps are the only way to get from the parking court and upper terrace […]

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BYU Landscape Management

posted, 12/06/06 Brigham Young University has a page that touts their degree in Landscape Management. A snippet from their web page: This can be found in a life-long and rewarding career as a landscape management major within the college of Biology and Agriculture. Landscape management, a relatively new program at Brigham Young University, is highly […]

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