BYU Landscape Management

posted, 12/06/06 Brigham Young University has a page that touts their degree in Landscape Management. A snippet from their web page: This can be found in a life-long and rewarding career as a landscape management major within the college of Biology and Agriculture. Landscape management, a relatively new program at Brigham Young University, is highly… Continue reading BYU Landscape Management

Stone and Paver Walkway, Answers to Questions

posted, 12/04/06 This continues the story from Sundays post on The Appreciation of Stone. I’ve been asked a few questions and will attempt to answer them here: The stone and brick are not the same depth. The stone was placed 1st and the pavers were poured around the stone. The stone is a waste product… Continue reading Stone and Paver Walkway, Answers to Questions

Whats in a Word?

posted, 11/29/06 On 11/21/06 I posted a short blurb about books for the laymen in reference to a short list of books for (what I consider) folks who want to design/garden their property. So I was using laymen as a term for someone who is interested in horticulture/gardening but in no way, shape or form… Continue reading Whats in a Word?