My Friend . . . Jim Underwood

[Jim on a mountain.] I have always been very careful with the word friend. I think most throw around the word much too casually, much too casually. I know a lot of people, have a lot of acquaintance’s, but friends-very few. My definition has, and always will be someone you can call at 3AM and… Continue reading My Friend . . . Jim Underwood

An Appreciation of Stone (22)

But . . . . butt, there sure is some junk in the trunk. A little different Appreciation of Stone this week. [courtesy a chain e-mail]

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Trees We Do Not Like

There are trees we do not like. These are trees to take a hike. One is called the Bradford Pear. Please don’t plant it anywhere. -RA [sent via an e-mail, she’s a real beauty!] The other day I added some quotes from past lectures including a quote about the nasty Bradford Pear. I then received… Continue reading Trees We Do Not Like

Quotes . . . from Long-Ago Lectures

[Ash Cave, I probably took this Summer of 2005.] “The Bradford Pear is the most over rated tree in the U.S”. –Dr. M. Cathey, 2/22/90 “Everything moves in life-so gardens should have . . . movement/motion”. –Jim Chadwick 2/91 “People will tell you what they want-but they don’t mean it”. –Jim Chadwick 2/91. Referring to… Continue reading Quotes . . . from Long-Ago Lectures

An Appreciation of Stone (21)

[Ston Wurks by Rick Anderson] To carry on the theme from earlier in the week of the Easter Island Moai. I have decided to sneak in one of my earlier stone head offerings. These early heads are scattered far and wide across the U.S. and who knows what has happened to most of these heads.… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (21)