A Cold Day in Suburbia

[from the NY Times] Well here’s a new trend I didn’t see. Residential snow-making. That’s right guys are making their own snow piles, runs, hillsides, chutes, etc. I didn’t see it coming, I’ve been snowed under, this entire trend has blown right by me. In what appears to be a blizzard of activity this hobby… Continue reading A Cold Day in Suburbia

Some Quick Links

[photo courtesy Dr. Ellen Rudolph, Boab&Moon] Japanese Garden Design by Yotaro Ono. The mixing of martial arts and garden design. The book list at the end is not a good one because there is no mention of David Slawson‘s Book. The Washington Post.

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So . . . Who’s Happy Today?

There’s a real good chance that guys like this Landscape Contractor are happy today because he’s making some real money. He’s making a lot of money if he’s getting paid by the push instead of by a yearly snowfall average. These guys have been working this snowfall round the clock to get it done. While… Continue reading So . . . Who’s Happy Today?

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Heptacodium miconiodes

“The Seven-Son Flower”(SSF) has to be one of my top 5 trees for the residential landscape. I grade very harshly on the best because the need to have either 4 season interest, or another characteristic so powerful . . . the tree becomes a must have in the designed landscape. A small tree only 15′-20′… Continue reading Heptacodium miconiodes

An Appreciation of Stone (20)

Garden of Quiet Listening, Carleton College, MN. My passion is to create landscape gardens that evoke the beauty of the natural world, in ways that are responsive to the site, the client, and locally available materials. I call these three sources of information and inspiration the Accord Triangle. –David Slawson. I haven’t had a Sunday… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (20)

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