An Award Winner

A job I designed a couple of years ago for Enviroscapes, Inc. of Louisville, Ohio was designated the Honors winner in a commercial design category by the OLA, Ohio Landscapers Association. Enviroscapes also won a maintenance award for this project. I remember very specifically being asked to create a Japanese feel to this landscape. The… Continue reading An Award Winner

Pergola Drawing early Conceptual (5)

By now those of you who’ve been following this job (haven’t been? please read previous 4 post) know that the pergola idea is long gone. Replacing that idea . . . some sort of ruins or a folly. Patrick McAfee gave a great perspective from a European (Ireland, is he) point of view in a… Continue reading Pergola Drawing early Conceptual (5)

When your Client Wants Everything

The interview with a client is a very understated part of the design process. Here is our chance to really get into the mind of the client a chance to find out not only what they need, and what they really want in their landscape. How is this part of the design process is so… Continue reading When your Client Wants Everything