Robert Marvin

Every so often I have been fortunate enough to meet the man whose work I have come to respect and study. In this field of Landscape Design this had/has happened to me several times. Robert Marvin was one of those people. Mr. Marvin died in 2001 after getting along to the age of age 81,… Continue reading Robert Marvin

Bullfrogs on the Loose

In Minnesota. Yep, they’re out of control and running unchecked in backyards everywhere. Plus the big fella’s are eating everything they can get their hands, er . . . webs, tongue, whatever on: “A bullfrog will eat anything it can fit into its mouth,” said Yvette Monstad, a non-game research specialist for the department. “We’re… Continue reading Bullfrogs on the Loose

My kind of Article

Now this is a headline that really grabs my attention; “Cultivating Your Kingdom” Yep, that’s it. Especially when we go on to talk about all the great stuff involved when you improve your landscaping. this is from the If the house has elaborate landscaping, the real estate agent and homeowner will usually point out… Continue reading My kind of Article

Friday the 13th

“A guru can cook for you, but can’t eat for you” –Baba Hari Dass “When bankers get together for dinner they discuss art. When artist get together for dinner they discuss money.” –Oscar Wilde “The truest mark of greatness is insatiability.” –Henry Fielding . . “A leaf falls- fluttering. The Earth reaches up- grabbing it”… Continue reading Friday the 13th