His Koi are Missing

From the 1st line of the story: A Tracy man came home from vacation to discover 150 to 200 small koi fish vanished from a backyard pond. By James Utt. 150-200 . . . 150-200! how can anyone think it’s a good idea to keep that many fish in something so small? What is he… Continue reading His Koi are Missing

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Vote for the Worst of the Worst-Shrub.

Okay, here is the list to this date. I only took nominees from the comments, I did not take any from e-mail. I figure if you are going to bash a shrub-bash it in public. There are 10 shrubs listed some by botanical, some by common, and a couple listed by-the whole entire species e.g.… Continue reading Vote for the Worst of the Worst-Shrub.

Housekeeping Note

There is now so much spam being caught by th Akismet filter, that I will no longer be going through there to look for comments that were snagged by the filter. If you don’t see your comment by the next day . . . it’s been swallowed, and gone into the deep, dark bowels of… Continue reading Housekeeping Note

Shrubs We do Not Like:

Berms and boulders as part of the Landscape

Based on the hugely popular “Trees we do not like“, and “Vote for the Worst of the Worst-Trees” it is now time to bring you . . . [Now that’s a “Shrubbery“, or see below] Shrubs we do Not Like: I have written about a few of these culprits in the past week or so,… Continue reading Shrubs We do Not Like:

Juniperus chinensis ‘Hetzii’

Welcome back to another one from ‘murderer’s row‘ as we count down to Shrubs We do Not Like. We are talking about Juniper c. ‘Hetzii’, or as I learned the common name Hetzi Juniper. This Juniper is a shrub I can promise you I will never plant-ever, no matter what. Form, shape, size, habit, needles,… Continue reading Juniperus chinensis ‘Hetzii’