His Koi are Missing

From the 1st line of the story: A Tracy man came home from vacation to discover 150 to 200 small koi fish vanished from a backyard pond. By James Utt. 150-200 . . . 150-200! how can anyone think it’s a good idea to keep that many fish in something so small? What is he […]

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Housekeeping Note

There is now so much spam being caught by th Akismet filter, that I will no longer be going through there to look for comments that were snagged by the filter. If you don’t see your comment by the next day . . . it’s been swallowed, and gone into the deep, dark bowels of […]

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Shrubs We do Not Like (2)

It appears by lack of response that unlikable trees are more interesting to discuss. So Based on the few entries, I would guess it is time to move on. In the next week or so we will move on to trees and shrubs we do like to have, and use in the landscape. We Designers […]

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Shrubs We do Not Like:

Based on the hugely popular “Trees we do not like“, and “Vote for the Worst of the Worst-Trees” it is now time to bring you . . . [Now that’s a “Shrubbery“, or see below] Shrubs we do Not Like: I have written about a few of these culprits in the past week or so, […]

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Juniperus chinensis ‘Hetzii’

Welcome back to another one from ‘murderer’s row‘ as we count down to Shrubs We do Not Like. We are talking about Juniper c. ‘Hetzii’, or as I learned the common name Hetzi Juniper. This Juniper is a shrub I can promise you I will never plant-ever, no matter what. Form, shape, size, habit, needles, […]

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Steps; Design to Build

I have decided that yesterday’s addendum deserved a stand alone post. I have also added 4 links at the bottom that will send you to older post that also deal with this same subject matter. Yesterday: Addendum: Here again we are dealing with the steps in the design process. I can’t seem to get past […]

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The Stages of a Landscape Plan

There is a great commentary string(prompted by detailed specifics) on a post by the County Clerk, the post is A Plan Coalesces: Hank is giving us the blow-by-blow on his dealings with his property, his landscape, and now his hiring of an LA to come up with a plan, and it’s turned into a fascinating […]

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Top 10 Trends in Colorado

The (ALCC) Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) list of their top 10 trends should be interesting to Landscape Designers everywhere. Some are old trends, some are kinda new, and there’s one that’s even a little confusing(to me). Providing this list holds true it would mean a lot of work for designers. Take #9 for […]

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It’s a . . . “Walden”?

It’s a tool shed, it’s a firewood storage compartment, it’s a barbecue, no wait it’s a garden shed, uh no . . . it’s a loft! That’s it, a loft . . . or a tool shed, or a storage cabinet, how about a Walden? . . . uh, never mind-you decide . . . […]

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Honey Bee’s, is it a Virus?

This whole business about honey-bees and CCD(“Colony Collapse Disorder”) is starting to really worry a lot of people. I myself am wondering if it is part of a cycle, or part of a changing environment. Either way; if true, it would be bad for horticultural, and our dinner table. I just came across this short […]

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