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Rendering of Pergola-Details

Here are two images of details from the previous post. The top rendering is a detail of the right side-people included. The bottom drawing shows the left side of the plaza/pergola: [Simple people, and little detail on the plantings] [Showing brick on the columns, and the bench relationships] So what happened on this project. Well… Continue reading Rendering of Pergola-Details

The Art of Pergola Design (4), and More

In the previous post several objectives were mentioned for the next drawing of the(I’ll call it) plaza/pergola area: This questioning and working through logistics led to me being asked if I could tweak this drawing some. Could I show it with brick columns? Could I show it with the overhead in white? Leading to what… Continue reading The Art of Pergola Design (4), and More

Stages of a Presentation Rendering

3 stages of a drawing for a proposed residential water feature. It started with a photograph from the site and goes from there. [red pencil, and light colors for stone and tree trunks] [black line on stone, and color for supporting plants] [sky(rough), final black lines, and labeling] This is one half of a larger… Continue reading Stages of a Presentation Rendering

Color Rendering of Ornamental Grass (2)

[ 3buildings . . . 3 separate solutions. ] The lower rendering is the one I had previously posted. the ones above flank this middle building. Left and right respectfully. The idea presented to me was “come up with 3 separate landscape-give each building it’s own identity.” Being built at the same time, for the… Continue reading Color Rendering of Ornamental Grass (2)