Color Rendering of Ornamental Grass

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Ornamental grass rendering

[Rendering shows 4-5 different types of grasses for Apt. Building]

This is a drawing to be shown during the concept(s) meeting to give the client an idea of what could happen if they choose to go with this style(presented in drawing) . . . renderings like this are(in my mind) to suggest possibilities . . . which create great dialogue between the client and designer.

With open dialogue better results are always achieved, the client is part of the process-not the end of the process.

When they are involved this way they almost never say no to the final drawings because being part of the process makes the final drawings(their drawings) . . . a plan of their ideas. More time involved/invested, greater ownership in the end master plan.

The Designer has put their vision on paper . . . how could they say no? Even if it is over their initial budget? . . . it’s what they want.

A segment of customers doesn’t rank price first when determining products or projects. They rank what they want(their desires), their comfort, the quality of materials and work above price in making these decisions.

I could never say enough how important these conceptuals are in the design process.

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