Random Thoughts and Sites

Links, links, links . . . a few things I have run across the past week or so that may be of interest to someone in the field of landscape design. Or; heck, anyone who has interest in stuff outdoors. Wittstock makes some changes. Greg Wittstock the owner and visionary of Aquascapes has made a […]

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When Rice Fields turn to Art

Using a strain of rice called Kodaimai the farmers in the town of Inakadate in the prefecture of Aomori create some fascinating works of art. I would call it the Japanese version of crop circles that we see here in the corn fields of America. Except this looks more like art and less like geometry. […]

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Large Residential Case-Study (3)

The 2 renderings below are part of the continuing series. This is a series of post to bring you along through the process of doing a design for this residence. Beyond just showing the conceptual renderings, but how I see the potential space(s) in this landscape. [About the 4th attempt at an entry gate.] The […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (31)

[One of “a lot” of random piles of old curbstone.] Couple of weeks ago I went off to look at a small pile of curbstone. We had hoped to find enough to put in several sets of steps and landings. What I found went way beyond that. I hit the semi-motherlode, a mini-jackpot. This guy […]

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New York Times-Wrong Again

This is so ridiculous a statement I don’t know whether to be mad or cry, or have a stiff drink-I think I’ll have a stiff drink: Landscape professionals rely on computer programs “100 percent,” most often choosing Rhinoceros or Maya, according to Mark Thomann, design director at Balmori Associates, a Manhattan-based landscape architecture firm. The […]

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Large Residential Case-Study (1)

This is the 1st of several drawings on this very complicated piece of property. I am going to go through the series of drawings and rehash conversations with the homeowner. 1st problem was how to lower the drive to get into garages-especially the garage door on the right. Tight angle and tough slope. This discrepancy […]

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My Garden

This is a request from Blackswamp Girl(love the name) who wanted to see my garden, after a April fool’s Day post on this Blog. [Just a little something. ]

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