Random Thoughts and Sites

Links, links, links . . . a few things I have run across the past week or so that may be of interest to someone in the field of landscape design. Or; heck, anyone who has interest in stuff outdoors. Wittstock makes some changes. Greg Wittstock the owner and visionary of Aquascapes has made a… Continue reading Random Thoughts and Sites

An Appreciation of Stone (32)

Lots of ways to build retaining walls for raised beds-I think this is a good one: [Briarhill wall, concrete pavers, 6 months in the ground.] I designed and built this several years ago in South Carolina, before this it was a gravel parking lot.

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An Appreciation of Stone (31)

[One of “a lot” of random piles of old curbstone.] Couple of weeks ago I went off to look at a small pile of curbstone. We had hoped to find enough to put in several sets of steps and landings. What I found went way beyond that. I hit the semi-motherlode, a mini-jackpot. This guy… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (31)

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New York Times-Wrong Again

This is so ridiculous a statement I don’t know whether to be mad or cry, or have a stiff drink-I think I’ll have a stiff drink: Landscape professionals rely on computer programs “100 percent,” most often choosing Rhinoceros or Maya, according to Mark Thomann, design director at Balmori Associates, a Manhattan-based landscape architecture firm. The… Continue reading New York Times-Wrong Again

Large Residential Case-Study (1)

This is the 1st of several drawings on this very complicated piece of property. I am going to go through the series of drawings and rehash conversations with the homeowner. 1st problem was how to lower the drive to get into garages-especially the garage door on the right. Tight angle and tough slope. This discrepancy… Continue reading Large Residential Case-Study (1)