Back from Talking Water

Back tonight from a week long trip to Canada, a few days in Hamilton for the workshops,and then off and about to look at several other places. This includes some “vacation” time in Niagara Falls.

“Niagara Falls . . . slowly I turned, step-by-step”. Do you recognize this quote?

More later, on the trip and impressions of the big water, and what I hope to take away from those observations to use somewhere down the line on a waterfeature that will be designed for a homeowner.

One Reply to “Back from Talking Water”

  1. 3 Stooges. If memory serves me correctly, Hamilton has an absolutely stunning botanical garden — I saw most of it once, when I lived in Buffalo. I also think the African lion Safari is not far from there, and I enjoyed taking my elderly mother there one summer afternoon! Niagara Falls is pretty amazing, in every sense of the word, isn’t it? Stunning natural beauty, amazingly maintained grounds and gardens and nearby sights — but upper Niagara Falls, the “tourist strip” is amazing in a completely different way. My last job before seminary was in Niagara Falls, US, at a family service agency there. It was the best job I ever had, and driving in from Buffalo each day, even midwinter, I could see the mist in the distance, beyond the Robert Moses Parkway. What a sight.

    Yep; it is amazing, thanks for sharing your memories. As for the “tourist strip” . . . it’s amazing alright. I’m holding off on your quote guess,to see if anyone else wants to chime in.

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