Cast Iron Pots; Revisited

Last week I posted about these iron pots that I had picked up at the local auction. [The pots in question. ] In the comment’s section Jonathan asked about the sizes of these pots this was my reply: I’d say they’re somewhere between 30″-36″ in diameter and a good 18″ deep. They are some good […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (34)

[ Ash Cave in SE Ohio during the Summer season. ] This is a perfect example of Blackhand Sandstone. The sandstone at the top of the formation is harder than the lower stone. Causing this wear pattern where the lower stone wears away leaving this spectacular overhang. This unique formation of sandstone is called Ash […]

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Golfing on a Aircraft Carrier

Now for something completely different, of the photoshop variety. I must say this is pretty clever and a tip of the hat to the creator-whom I can’t seem to find. [ Image was originally found on BLDGBLOG. ] The link for the image sent me here, then that link sent me to here. So I […]

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An Appreciation of Axes (1)

Usually I have some sort of an Appreciation of Stone, or this, or this . . . on the weekends, but today I am feeling appreciative of one of my favorite tools . . . My Fiskar’s ax. Over the years I have used several axes and different types of wood splitting tools and the […]

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This years 1st Snowflake

This afternoon I was sitting at my second favorite diner eating breakfast after a tough morning. How tough a morning? How about root canal tough, that’s tough. Anyway as I was gingerly eating my ham and cheese omelet and sipping coffee my attention wandered to the scene outside . . . Snow . . . […]

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A Great Find, 3 Cast Iron Pots

I thought these cast iron pots might be worth sharing. Recently we found these at a local auction we attend on a regular basis.. It’s the type of auction held at the same location, same time every week, and you never know what may show up each week. [ These are the iron pots. ] […]

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Great Illustrations

My great desire to become a better illustrator as a landscape designer has me always looking at other type of illustration and designed illustration. Here are a couple of examples of what I speak of. Cool stuff, to me anyway 🙂 . [ I think this is great stuff, the detail, the effort. ] Here’s […]

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Tree . . . mendous

I am just amazed at the amount of traffic this post is still getting. It seems that it comes up pretty high on the search engines when searching for trees, Trees, tree. A note here, I have still not been able to find out who took that photo of that tree, or where it is […]

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Higgins on Hayward and Small Spaces

Adrian Higgins of the Washington Post has written another great article (print page link) on residential landscape design. This one focuses on a lecture he attended where Gordon Hayward spoke about small garden design. This lecture at a symposium at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton was also a good chance for Hayward to promote his new […]

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