stone, cave, sandstone, ash cave

[ Ash Cave in SE Ohio during the Summer season. ]

This is a perfect example of Blackhand Sandstone. The sandstone at the top of the formation is harder than the lower stone. Causing this wear pattern where the lower stone wears away leaving this spectacular overhang.

This unique formation of sandstone is called Ash Cave a name that came about by a discovery of the original settlers to the area.

Their discovery?

A mound of ashes over a hundred feet long and some 50 feet high. This site had been used by the local indians for 100’s of years as a mystical place of prayer and ceremony.

The height from the top of the ledge to the pool is 90 feet and a small waterfall spills over most of the year.

For me this is a place of magical intensity, scale, and reflection . . . a place of long ago.

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