Landscape Rendering to Fire Pit Construction

The Original Rendering: A few weeks back I posted about this drawing for a pergola design. The idea was to anchor a fire-pit seating area. This drawing was to give the client an idea on how an anchor structure would look/hold down/define the back side of the area. [ A simple rendering for fire pit.… Continue reading Landscape Rendering to Fire Pit Construction

An Appreciation of Stone (36)

A double set of Briar Hill sandstone walls, before the planting(s) occurred. [Briar Hill: 7 and 3/4 inch ht. plus 1 and 3/4 ht sections. ] This wall stone usually ships out at those heights and the length is 34 to 36 inches. I do all the “rock-facing” to create those edges and that awesome… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (36)

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I started this blog to write about the profession of Landscape Design, and a few other things(see elevator speech). Well this is another one of those other things. Part of Landscape Design is Landscaping, and part of Landscaping is dealing with trees . .. still with me? Trees where do they grow? Why it’s in… Continue reading Lumberjacking

An Appreciation of Stone (35)

A little different thought and image for my appreciation this week. There is stone involved, trust me-you just can’t see it. This is an image of a iron ore ship called Buckeye, and it’s owned by the Oglebay-Norton company. Back in the day(my day) this ship was called the Sparrows Point and was owned by… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (35)