The Art of Pergola Design (5)

Pergola’s I get a lot of questions about pergola’s, arbors and trellis’ . . . a lot. for good reason. Structure adds a lot to the designed landscape. With structure you bring order, refinement, extension of the house architecture, definition of space, etc. I would say these are good things Plus; if done well they […]

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Enough of the Snow Already

Daydreamin’ today about the good ole days of Summer. [Just how big did those “Ears” get?] Anybody else ready to look at some green? Plus they all are coming from the South so these events are 1/3 rain, 1/3 sleet, and 1/3 ice, and 1/3 snow . . . I know, I know . . […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (38)

Sandstone and Granite pavers stacked at a salvage yard. Great Stuff [Granite in the foreground, some old foundation stone in back.] Here’s another look at the yard. There’s some great stuff here, and some not-so great stuff here. Do you know which is which? [Looking for a home.]    

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Fireplace Posibility (3)

Here’s another look at a possible fireplace for these homeowners. [A more interesting storage area for firewood.] I also took a very un-symmetrical look at the sides and a random edge on the right . . . more of a unpolished, rugged look. I want to get away from all that pretty symmetry of the […]

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Fireplace Posibility (2)

In keeping with the previous post, here is another attempt at a fireplace for this backyard. [Another look at a possible solution for this woodsy backyard. ] I’m not done cranking out sketches for this fireplace. I have a meeting with the client in a day or so. We’ll see how close I’m getting to […]

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Fireplace Possibility

I am in the middle of a project where the main focus of the backyard will be a large fireplace that we hope to have anchor one end of the patio. The fireplace will anchor the end of the patio, and serve as the main gathering space for those on the patio, also becoming the […]

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More on the Flower Clock

Back in March of last year I wrote a long post about Carl Linnaeus, Horologium flore, and the Flower Clock. I wrote something to the effect of how cool and idea it was and that I was not that thrilled with the idea of pulling this off on a practical basis. Let alone an impractical […]

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2008 ANLA Management Clinic live(2)

Great energy at the clinic yesterday as usual right up to the end at the Muggets get-together. There was a lot of good stuff yesterday including the Landscape Swap-Shop where a lot of the discussion centered on sustainability issues; making topsoils, compost, grinding yard waste-and in general keeping stuff out of the dump, and saving […]

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2008 ANLA Management Clinic live(1)

Well it’s in full swing now. Everyone is hear the events have started, na dthe 1st lunch has been eaten. Last night’s opening reception was a good one as usual, catching up with old friends, and accquaintances. Seeing former attendes from past WCI events-including the 1st Philosophy of Design Symposium(PoD), and making a few new […]

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2008 ANLA Management Clinic (3)

Off to the Clinic tomorrow, and as I sit here writing this I am wondering if there are any madcap adventures in store for this year. Muggets anyone? Highlights include a meeting of the Whispering Crane Institute, and the Giant Duck Institute. This annual meeting of some of the Worlds brightest Landscape Design minds always […]

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2008 ANLA Management Clinic (2)

Sustainable, sustainability, sustain . . . one of the hottest words in our industry right now. Everywhere you go the word is there. The phrase is there. The philosophy is there. The mindset is there. Sustainable landscape design. Nurseries with sustainable plans for their growing fields. Sustainability means responsibility for Garden Centers. The buzz, it’s […]

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