The Vine Woman, Laura Spector

Great story in the NYTimes about Laura Spector who goes out into the woods alone and cuts down all the vine(s) she can pull out to make something great out of something very bad. [From the Laura Spector website.] Apparently she targets Bitttersweet or Asiatic vine Celastrus orbiculata which has run amok in her part… Continue reading The Vine Woman, Laura Spector

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Fireplace Posibility (5)

Back in the last post we(actually it’s just “I”) were trying to pull all the previous post together about this custom designed outdoor fireplace with wood storage as part of the focal point this fireplace is to become . . . a confusing sentence I think. What I am trying to say is that it’s… Continue reading Fireplace Posibility (5)

Fireplace Posibility (4)

After some lengthy deliberation by the clients we are now closer to a final design for the large patio fireplace discussed in previous post. This was the last post where I posted a rendering showing large storage and a more conventional firebox and stone surround. Before that I posted the below shot: [Let’s focus on… Continue reading Fireplace Posibility (4)