I Love the Mud

[ Great things show up looking down at the ground, ]

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A Tale of Two Levels (cont.)

So here is an earlier drawing where I was looking at the possibilities from head-on; that is, from a person looking from the lower level. I liked this look . . . but wasn’t sure if it was working. Then after I was done scribbling this I noticed that the wall heights were really 3… Continue reading A Tale of Two Levels (cont.)

A Tale of Two Levels

[ A ink line drawing, for me this one one of many concept sketches of the area. ] Possible solution for some student seating between two apartment buildings for upper level and graduate students. The newer apartments off to the left are about 4.0ft higher than the existing apartments to the right. The Task I… Continue reading A Tale of Two Levels

Setting Landscape Boulders

Here’s one from the “old file” showing a 100 ton crane after a days work of setting some large stone boulders. Uh, of course they’re stone-they’re boulders. This was back in Columbia, SC in the late 1990’s built into an embankment, the idea was too look like a tumbling waterfall cascading down this hillside. The… Continue reading Setting Landscape Boulders

From the Sketchbook (5)

[ Does this remind anyone of someone? ] That certainly sound like a cryptic question but if you’ve done it you’ll know right away-I think. I had just received some COPIC sketch markers and wanted to give them a try. I really like their vividness and how the colors seem to jump from the page.… Continue reading From the Sketchbook (5)

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Vases in the Garden

Today I was hit with another one of those ah-ha thunderbolts. It was like “well hell yeah I knew that, but I had just never said that out loud”. A statement so clear in vision, so simple in design, so darn obvious in execution: “A vase should never, in the open air, be set down… Continue reading Vases in the Garden

Holmes on Homes(2)

Mike Holmes hits the nail on the head; again, so to speak. Friday nights episode “Semi Dilemma”(04/11) on Discovery Home(DTV286) was a great one for me because there were some good “Holmesism’s”(I just made up this word). We(viewers of the show) are all familiar with lines like: “Bring it all down” “Unbelievable” “Okay, tear it… Continue reading Holmes on Homes(2)