Fireplace Possibility (6)

Okay, after some back and forth, looking at this design, then taking a look at another design, or four-we have come to a consensus. And a very good consensus it is. Here it is. [ The winner, after much discussion, I hope this will be a Rumford designed fireplace.] The Particulars: The rustic angles at… Continue reading Fireplace Possibility (6)

Bartholomäus Tulip

I really appreciate finding great watercolors of good looking botanicals. The tulip below is a fine example of this style of painting. The artist is a fellow named Johann Bartholomaus Braun. Found in an album of 190 watercolour illustrations, entitled ‘Flora Picta’ ca1660. Apparently this is part of a large study documenting the garden of… Continue reading Bartholomäus Tulip

From the Sketchbook (4)

[ Columns, posts, supports for pergolas. ] Just some doodles out of the sketchbook. I seem to spend a lot of time considering pergola details these days. ____________________________________________________________ Addendum: 1st post with the new WordPress dashboard. it sure is different and will take some getting used to. I did like the image upload, but it… Continue reading From the Sketchbook (4)

Parkinson’s Disease and the Landscape Industry

Apparently this is not the 1st study to link the use of pesticides and insecticides to our industry(I’ve seen a blurb/snippet here and there). This new information comes from Bio-Med Central a open access site of peer reviewed journals. I 1st came across this story on LandscapeOnline where theyhad a short story about the published… Continue reading Parkinson’s Disease and the Landscape Industry

Are There the “Worst of the Worst Landscapes”?

Bill over at the Giant Duck Institute has suggested an idea You’ve hit on the idea for a post to rival “Trees We Do Not Like”. Perhaps you could call it… “Landscape Travesties” or “Landscape Infractions”. Picture submittal s of unfortunate landscape projects perpetrated by the uninitiated. I could start you off with a few.… Continue reading Are There the “Worst of the Worst Landscapes”?

I’ve managed to get some more Work done to My Backyard

1st the new wall and gate, I’m really excited about this wall and the planting: [ It’s great, isn’t it? ] Next I’ve been working real hard on this garden folly: [ You gotta like that naturalistic planting, don’t you? ] Finally, right behind the back door: [ That new walkway really sets it off,… Continue reading I’ve managed to get some more Work done to My Backyard