It’s May

For those of you in the profession that’s all I would have to write: It’s May Is it ever, things are alway like this(thankfully) in the Northern climates this time of year. That great sense of “May” urgency. The average client procrastinates calling the contractor as do many, many others-everyone calls all at once. Screaming.… Continue reading It’s May

How American Gardeners get Answers

The University of Minnesota conducted a survey of over 1,000 folks and this was the answer to where Americans get advice for their gardening problems; Their neighbor. That’s right . . . their neighbor. The survey of 1,000 Minnesota gardeners published in the January–March, 2008 issue of HortTechnology showed that although respondents viewed the University… Continue reading How American Gardeners get Answers


Not a leaf stirring: frightening, the summer grove

A Few Things on My Mind

Some odds and ends I have been wanting to share, and a few comments about them. Adding a Blog It’s been awhile. Quite awhile actually, I can’t even remember the last time I added a Blog to the list over on the WCI Links page. Well then, I guess it’s time. the blog is Daisy… Continue reading A Few Things on My Mind

My Desk this AM

Here’s how things looked early this morning at Rick Anderson central. [ Computer, markers, moleskine, photo’s, more markers, another moleskine, ] As we pan to the right a look at the drawing table. [ Ah, that drawing on the bottom looks ready to go, time to start another. ] Addendum: Need some design work done?… Continue reading My Desk this AM