Say you wanted to do something a little different, a little clever, a little off the wall? I mean why not, you are a professional Landscape Designer? Aren’t you?

Well at least some of you are. Professional(s) . . . that is.

So here’s a website that is so simple and easy to use it’s almost ridiculous, in ease and use ridiculous . . . that is.

Developed by the oldie generator

[ Here’s an example of one of my installs, now “old”, think of the possibilities. ]

Here’s another example of a close up of one of my waterfalls:

In tight_turned into an oldie

[ I like the look of this, I’m thinking a promo piece for designing or building waterfeatures. ]

Of course if you are really into the self promoting thin you can always do . . . that’s right! One of you:

Some stange elephant ears

[ Up close and personal with a ‘couple ears” ]

So there you go after shots, waterfall shots, promo shots of yourself(not sure what the above image would be promoting).

How about making the before; old, ratty, and nasty, then the afters-nice color shots.

Let’s see your images

I’m sure there are lots of possibilities. Drop us a line with yours, or better yet send those “oldies to me and we’ll post them here.

Please only appropriate pics . . . if you know what I mean.

Addendum: 051308-I just took another look at this post . . .  wow! Was I ever asleep at the wheel. Typo city. My apologies to all who had to wade through that.

These old stone-smashed, gnarled fingers ain’t what they use to be.

One Reply to “Manipulating Your Photo’s”

  1. I’m not very tech savy so I don’t even know how to show you my photos but I have stood in the same spot to take pics of my favorite tree in all the upstate NY seasons.

    Yeah, I catch myself taking pictures of the same spots in the woods through the seasons. If you can’t send them that’s okay, I believe you. 🙂

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