Simple Moments

I came across this quote by Kent Nerburn today and thought I’d share it with you-my readers. “What is noteworthy about that moment, beyond it’s poignancy, is that I did not create it; I merely experienced it and let it unfold. Life gives us all such moments.” — I call them “Blue Moments” Kent is… Continue reading Simple Moments

An Appreciation of Stone (42)

Here’s some nice stone work from a guy who was killing some time. Shameless plug coming up just about right now, the work above is by John DeVore. John and his son Nate will be here at the famous Whispering Crane Institute world headquarters. A 3-day stone workshop will take place October20th-22nd, for all the… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (42)

Avast ye Swabs!

Aaargh, heave to there Matey’s, look lively now you rum pots. T’day is the day. So listen up ye mangy dogs, beware those stinkin’ high falutin’ websites that go all mad today. Mad like a 3 day bender on dry ground carryin’ a rum pot for ballast. So heave to lads, cast ye sails to… Continue reading Avast ye Swabs!

Long Ago Design (2)

While looking for a drawing to do a comparative analysis I found this interesting conceptual design. What I have is something very loose and “natural” on the right as opposed to something very geometric in design on the left. The Drawing The idea was giving the client a chance to look at completely opposite ideas… Continue reading Long Ago Design (2)

The Case of the Basement Bistro (2)

Based on the comments and some e-mail from the previous post here is a little better explanation of the bistro area. I have enjoyed all the feedback and look forward to other thoughts. Sharing these ideas makes us all better. If you click on this you can read my notes better. there’s also a note… Continue reading The Case of the Basement Bistro (2)