Big 3 CEO’s and their nice Private Jets

They flew in on their private jets with their hats in their hand. The Ford CEO made over 36 million last year and is supposed to make over 9 million bucks this year. He was asked about restructing his salary . . . ” no comment”, replied the Ford CEO. These 3 bums got 25… Continue reading Big 3 CEO’s and their nice Private Jets

An Appreciation of Stone (43)

Here’s some stove size and bigger boulders from a sand and gravel quarry. Great color and character in some of these. The only drawback for this type of stone is the inability to grow moss. Okay just because I’m feeling generous here’s another: Some great character in those 3 foreground stones. Nice anchor for a… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (43)

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Optimism and Jobs

Have we lost all optimism? Maybe not all but there sure doesn’t seem to be a lot of peppy folks out there when it comes to where we are headed The National Federation of Independent Business’ optimism index declined 5.4 points to 87.5, the lowest since 1980, the Washington-based group said Tuesday. The sales gauge… Continue reading Optimism and Jobs

Water and Ink

Keeping up my drawing theme this week. Some really interesting pen and ink work, that is just fascinating. Just follow along and then be amazed . . . I was. Wow! That is really great stuff. Now I am just going to have to figure out how to take this great skill and apply it… Continue reading Water and Ink

Green, and all it’s Shades

A little something from my looking at the color green. One of those days when I was just trying to get my mind right to start working on a drawing. Foliage Fooling around on something like this reminds me again, why more designers need to look at foliage and not just the color of the… Continue reading Green, and all it’s Shades