The Memopad

It’s a table! It’s a scratch pad! It’s a Italian restaurant-hand me the crayons . . . The Memodesk by Teamlab is a regular table combined with a giant memopad. Or is it a table and tablecloth from a Italian restaurant? The manufacturer says it’s a way to create magic and on top of that… Continue reading The Memopad

C.E.N.T.S. Show in Columbus, Ohio

I’m doing 2 different events in Columbus next month 01/25-28/09. For the OSU Short Course. A 3 hour Sunday event(Stone the Entire Process) I believe we have reached the workshop limit , and a I hour talk on Monday(Dealing in High-End Design).

ANLA Management Clinic 2009

The American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA) Management Clinic is right around the corner. Febuary 6th, through the 9th in Louisville KY. Today is the last day to register for the earl-bird special, it works out to a savings of $70.00 to register early. I just finished my registration a few minutes ago, quick, clean,… Continue reading ANLA Management Clinic 2009

Some Class for this Blog

Recently it’s been said to me: Rick Anderson you some class on this here Whispering Crane Institute blog, and you need it now. Wow, really . . . well in that case. Ladies and Gentlemen I present . . .   Ode to Joy.

High End Outdoor Theatre

Now here’s a outdoor home theatre almost no one can afford. However if you find a client that can afford this system, I’d say they’re a keeper. We need the right context to spec something like this: Here’s some of the description of the product. Rising from within this video tower is the custom built… Continue reading High End Outdoor Theatre