Back from Columbus

I have returned from the CENTS show today and am ready to get back to the swing of things, including a project or two. More on the show and my thoughts on some of the presenters in my next post. Most of you probably know the weather played havoc wiht driving in Ohio yesterday, so […]

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CENTS Show, Coming Up!

I’ll be leaving for the CENTS show on Sunday morning, I need to be there by 11:30am. My stone workshop is SOLD OUT! A full class of 25 eager stone-niks. It should be a lot of fun. I have not “planned the entire 3 hours, I am leaving some latitude for the students to take […]

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The Stages of a Color Rendering

A client asked me to render a redesigned boardwalk area. These are the steps I went through to make that happen. The above is a simple pen drawingdone fairly quickly, giving the client an opportunity to see what possibilities for the future may hold. Above I have kept the color rendering on top of the […]

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Thoughts on the Inaguration

Politics aside, professions aside . . . as I sit looking at the TV awaiting the swearing-in ceremony I am amazed by the size of the crowd on the mall-wow! Easily the most people I can ever remember seeing in one place at one time. No matter your party we now need to pull for […]

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My Pots, in the Winter Snow

The big snow we are getting today called me to action, grabbing the camera kind of action. Julie likes to refer to the pot on the left as the flying saucer.  Add on the snow and I now believe it looks somewhat alien in appearance. I’d like to add that the flying saucer brings great […]

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Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park

I was absolutely riveted by this perspective for a memorial park for earthquake victims in China’s Northern city of Tangshan the park will be called Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park. I can’t say it enough  . . . this conceptual really strikes me as something very powerful and thought provoking. The architects for the project are […]

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Now Take a Look at this Wall

Now this is a wall, this is a thing of beauty, this is real, real stone . . . not some concrete product from a mold. Briar Hill How could anyone in our profession not appreciate this? How could you not fight tooth and nail to have this installed over some product from the latest […]

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More Hay Bales

To carry the theme of the previous post. I would say Luc Viatour takes a better picture(bet he’s got a better camera). I know this, I love the scene of hay bales in a field.

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The Incredible work of Guy Sargent

The work of Guy Sargent. The title of the work is What Lies Beneath: Large Format and Architectural Work. From the site: An ongoing long-term project begun in 2006. The photographs shown here are part of a series titled “What lies beneath the surface”. The series examines both landscape architecture and is constantly evolving. Guy […]

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We Weep Tonight for our Heroes

Tonight I sat and watched with my lovely wife a test of wills between my beloved The Ohio State University and the Longhorns from Texas, and it was a beautiful thing. Players from both sides played with every inch and ounce of their athletic ability. Defensive play after defensive play left us with a 6-3 […]

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