More Hay Bales

To carry the theme of the previous post. I would say Luc Viatour takes a better picture(bet he’s got a better camera). I know this, I love the scene of hay bales in a field.

The Incredible work of Guy Sargent

The work of Guy Sargent. The title of the work is What Lies Beneath: Large Format and Architectural Work. From the site: An ongoing long-term project begun in 2006. The photographs shown here are part of a series titled “What lies beneath the surface”. The series examines both landscape architecture and is constantly evolving. Guy… Continue reading The Incredible work of Guy Sargent

We Weep Tonight for our Heroes

Tonight I sat and watched with my lovely wife a test of wills between my beloved The Ohio State University and the Longhorns from Texas, and it was a beautiful thing. Players from both sides played with every inch and ounce of their athletic ability. Defensive play after defensive play left us with a 6-3… Continue reading We Weep Tonight for our Heroes

Alastair Heseltine

Everyone needs to check out this artist installation art. Especially his “living sculpture“. Powered by ScribeFire.