Designing an Identity

A quick landscape study for a client. This is part of a much larger conceptual idea I have for frontage in front of 3 office buildings. These 3 buildings and 2 others form a “campus like setting” that is divided by one public two lane road. 1 building on one side of the street and… Continue reading Designing an Identity

Design Principles(04)

Here’s a look at someone who followed a very different type of design principles and a way of designing landscapes . . . art that become art in the landscape. Above is the tapestry work by the Brazilian artist and great landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx, the man was an incredible unique talent, a real… Continue reading Design Principles(04)

Design Principles (1)

Here’s a video from Dr. Ann Marie VanDerZanden of Iowa State University discussing “principles of landscape design”. In my mind this is more controversy concerning design principles. Going back to my earlier posting on just what in the hell are design principle, beginning design principles, and the biggie . . . what are advanced design… Continue reading Design Principles (1)


Last week Washington D.C. was in an uproar to pass the stimulus bill, it was hurry, hurry hurry-time is of the essence. It is critical that we pass this bill immediately or there will be dire consequences. Heck I read Senator Brown had to leave his Mother’s funeral in Ohio and fly back to D.C.… Continue reading Stimulus