PTN: Preservation Trades Network

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Okay Landscape Designers here is somewhere you need to get to and learn about . . . toot sweet!

I would think every LD who is in the profession long enough starts to do work where there is garden restoration involved, historical significance involved, or the need to bring in traditional building craftsmen.

Go here, right now to Rudy Christians blog site over at Traditional Building website.

Summer Event for PTN

Then I really want you to follow through with PTN and learn something about those folks. They are solid people and truly craftsmen(and women) with real integrity.

I’ve been to a few of their events and there is just incredible knowledge, shown, presented, and most importantly . . . shared.

The expression “Salt of the Earth” really applies to this group of folks, I mean that with all sincerity, and humility. The willingness to share the crafts and make sure they go on are of the up most importance to PTN.

Learn more, visit with some of them, get to one(or 10) of their events.

You will not be sorry.

addendum: This looks like an interesting event this Summer in Frankfurt, KY.

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