State of my Garden

So it’s the beginning of April and since the question comes up a lot-about what my garden looks like I thought I’d catch everyone up on what’s been happening in the yard. The shed that I said I was going to get to, well I haven’t. Someday I am going to start my next hobby […]

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WCI Housekeeping Post #3,249

Yep, it’s true 3,249 post on this blog concerning housekeeping. That many post must mean that’s all I post about. Speaking of about, My ‘About’ page was a HTML wreck, and absolute wreck and I had to clean that up, plus I added some pretty pictures and drawings to the page. There was also some […]

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Cornell on Nest Watch

Here’s the latest from Cornell Ornithology dept. The release concerns nest, nest watching and counting. I won’t bore you with more junk from me. March 30, 2009 Dear Friend, Got Nest Boxes? If you do, you have a front-row seat on the miracle of birth and renewal in the bird world. If you don’t, now is […]

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Design Principles (08)

In several previous post I went through the very elemental beginnings of my take on Landscape Design Principles. The last was how I looked at design when considering motion, and the two parts of motion; static and dynamic. Now let me turn my attention to the most discussed of all landscape design principles . .  […]

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Pearl Fryar on HGTV Tonite

There is a 1-hour documentary on the man considered the finest Topiarist in North America. Those “in-the-know” types all agree that Pearl is the man when it comes to topiary. There’s always going to be obstacles. The thing you do is don’t let those obstacles determine where you go.  –Pear Fryar I have seen this […]

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Computer Issues

I’ve been having some real problems with one of my computers the last few days. Man am I ever thankful most of the stuff I’ve needed to post to the blog I can get to online. These darn computers can get real frustrating for us old guys who grew up in an era when “I” […]

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Dumbarton Oaks Symposium in May

May 8th and 9th Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC is hosting their Spring symposium entitled: The Interlacing of Words and Things in Gardens and Landscapes: Beyond Nature and Culture There is a lot of talk in the opening description about how this idea of nature an culture have been discussed by a lot of different […]

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I’m just not Sure I Understand

I planted my 1st tree at my Grandpa’s before 10. I started working at a b&b nursery when I was 14. Hell and back; By my casual estimate I have planted 1,000’s of trees over my landscape career. Plus I spent several months over several years working on the ground in bug-infested, snake-ridden, mosquito hells […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It wouldn’t be right now would it, without a shout out to one of my favorite days of the year. A celebration to all things Irish. A day when all of us become Irish. All of us ‘feel the green’ and go dance a jig. And most importantly today is the day we celebrate the […]

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LEED 100K House, more!

Yesterday I wrote about a comment thread at the 100K Leed house. Interesting commentary thread over at this website about building a $100,000 house, following LEED requirements, and the landscaping, or lack of landscaping. So a couple of folks have dropped over and added their opinion, and the debate goes on. Builders—-I’m speaking in generalities […]

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ANLA’s New Website

The ANLA has become part of the 21st ca World Wide Web(as I like to kid the big bosses) with their snazzy new web site and it’s a winner. For me the best part will be the Knowledge Center with it’s vast storehouse of knowledge in written, audio and video formats. Some good stuff from […]

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100K LEED House

Interesting commentary thread over at this website about building a $100,000 house, following LEED requirements, and the landscaping, or lack of landscaping.

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2009, How ya’ Doing?

Well here we are in the 2nd week of March and all of us now have a idea on the ’09 season. In the South and West it’s warmer and some folks have started installing. In most other parts of the country Spring clean-ups are underway and where/when possible there’s some dry ground  actual landscape […]

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