I planted my 1st tree at my Grandpa’s before 10. I started working at a b&b nursery when I was 14.

Hell and back;

By my casual estimate I have planted 1,000’s of trees over my landscape career. Plus I spent several months over several years working on the ground in bug-infested, snake-ridden, mosquito hells in Central America planting trees . . . for no reward other than the fact that I did it*.

I will continue to plant trees on my property and for others when I can.

As a designer who works on large projects I spec a lot of trees and will continue to do so until I can no longer work as a professional designer. Trees are a important part of any landscape providing a laundry list of benefits.

Trees mean a lot to me, they always have . . . always will.

The great Live oaks of the South, The awesome Redwoods and Firs in the West. Here in Ohio Buckeyes, Oaks, Beeches, Maples. The ancient Cedar, Cypress, and Gingko I touched in China.

Trees are awesome, awe-inspiring and add a sense of place and space that nothing else on Earth can do.

Having said all that

For the life of me I cannot figure out this behavior and this emotion.

I just don’t get it.


*Addendum: I very rarely mention the time and work spent in Central America, I will say this. If you want to really help . . .  go down there, start nurseries, distribute seed, liners, and planting technique(s).

Please understand that de-forestation is not a black and white issue, there are several layers of compelling factors, emotion, money, bluster, needs, etc., going on.

Sending money means a dime or two on the dollar actually go to planting of trees . . . if you’re lucky.

Never 3rd

Lastly, when walking through jungle or deep grass never be the 3rd person in the line.

5 Replies to “I’m just not Sure I Understand”

  1. You need to tell us a little bit more about why ‘Never be 3rd’ in line when walking through the jungle…

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