Big News for ANLA and OFA

The big merger Members of OFA — The Association of Horticulture Professionals and the American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA) have voted in overwhelming support of the consolidation of the two organizations into a new, national trade association to serve the entire horticulture industry. The announcement on September 28 followed a 30-day open ballot and… Continue reading Big News for ANLA and OFA

Colony Collapse Disorder-Around the Web

Bees at Work

I am going to try and keep up with stories around the web about Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) to promote awareness of this serious issue. For those of us following CCD we know the issue is one we all need to be aware of, and there seem to be no real answers to why CCD is… Continue reading Colony Collapse Disorder-Around the Web

John Wall’s New $4.9 Million House

Why in the hell would I post a story about a rich NBA star buying a near $5 million dollar house in Maryland Well, this is why — Please look at the paving around, for what I am assuming is the hot-tub. Take a close look. completely unacceptable! I would never put paving around a… Continue reading John Wall’s New $4.9 Million House

Claro House on Architizer

Interesting modern residential design for a private residence in Santiago, Chile. I was able to C&P the article below, but it’s tough to appreciate without pictures. Follow the link to check out images of the residence. I am always fascinated by this type of residence because they are really tough when it comes to making… Continue reading Claro House on Architizer

Peter Schaudt Favorite Chicago Places

Checking my Google alerts for landscape architecture I came across this article in Chicago Business about Landscape Architect Peter Schaudt and his favorite designed spaces in the great city of Chiccago. It’s a terrific list with great information and insight into these spaces and this now makes this list sort of a must-see for any of us… Continue reading Peter Schaudt Favorite Chicago Places