Bullfrogs on the Loose

In Minnesota. Yep, they’re out of control and running unchecked in backyards everywhere. Plus the big fella’s are eating everything they can get their hands, er . . . webs, tongue, whatever on: “A bullfrog will eat anything it can fit into its mouth,” said Yvette Monstad, a non-game research specialist for the department. “We’re… Continue reading Bullfrogs on the Loose

Feed the Birds Day

posted, 10/27/06 Dinner Time Tomorrow is Feed the Birds Day, Saturday the 28th. Now I do not know who proclaimed this, or certified this, or what makes the 28th the day, but tomorrow is the day. Maybe it is tied into the day we turn our clocks back, which signifies that autumn is flying by… Continue reading Feed the Birds Day

The Demise of the Pink Flamingo ????

posted, 10/21/06 Say it ain’t so ??? Could it really be happening? Could it be the end of the Pink Flamingo? This great American Icons days look to be numbered. . . . . . Not to be confused with this Pink Flamingo.

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