Seminar sketchbook (2)

posted; 07/13/06 From the ’97/’98 book. must have been looking at a small waterfeature and stone walkway project with a Japanese Aesthetic. Plus it’s bigger than what would go on the back of a business card . . . this is a blog insider joke, of probably which I will be the only one who… Continue reading Seminar sketchbook (2)

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Sketchbook renderings (2)

posted; 07/11/06 A rendering from the old days . . . this was taken out of the ’97/’98 seminar sketchbook. I have kept these books since 1988/’89. That way I have all my notes since that time from all seminars attended-save one. I was leaving the. ANLA Management Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky one year when… Continue reading Sketchbook renderings (2)