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The Whispering Crane Institute:

Near evening, at the bottom of Cedar Falls.


WCI Squidoo Sites:

[1991/92  “facing” a 9.0ft x 4.5ft x 6inches thick sandstone bench ]

Links in the Green Industry (Professional Organizations, etc.):

Craftsmen, Artist, Exceptional People:

  • My good friend and Artist Enzo Torcoletti.
  • Patrick McAfee, Master Stonemason, Historian, and Author. Patrick is from Irelan, travels the World, and is a great guy, very willing to share his knowledge.
  • The guy when it comes to Japanese Gardn Design in the U.S. David Slawson has forgotten more about this subject than most of us will ever know. David is a former teacher at a Philsophy of Design Forum.
  • Ken Follett’s blog is a interesting mixture of work and philosophy, along with some deep musings about life. A interesting guy, a interesting read.
  • Joseph Hillenmeyer is writing a really fine blog about life, work, sites, plants, and observations about the profession we both share. The difference is his perspective is from the rolling hills of Louisville, KY. It’s nice work and worth a read.
  • Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret is a Canadian who writes a blog in French called Le territoire des sens, The blogs only drawback is it’s in French. Me . . . I go looking for images and links to interesting sites. Her one blurb in English:  . . . I question the brief and complex relations between the human body and it’s immediate space . . .  It’s a interesting blog.
  • A blog called the Sippican Cottage is one of those blogs you read because, well . . . he’s a damn interesting writer. G can twist a phrase, un-dangle a participle(I still don’t know what a dangling participle is), and muse with the best of them.


Links; other trades of interes

Links; other trades of interest.

  • DSWC Dry Stonewallers extraordinaire
  • Land+living: about all things “Design”
  • A well-done Home improvement site, ConstructionDeal.com
  • PTN Preservation Trades Network
  • TSF Where the “Dedicated Drywallers” hang


Links, I consider link worthy

  • <

Links, I consider link worthy

  • Alpha Inventions is a site that can help direct blog traffic your way. Younger folks will pick this site up easily, older Bloggers may take a little time figuring it out. It will help drive traffic to you Blog.
  • Garden Voices; she clips everything!
  • Water for the ages; a blog about clooecting worldwide information about water issues, valuable resource. *02/12/08
  • About Landscape Design, a “do-it yourself” resource guide
  • Cutting edge-on sustainability . . . Cradle 2 Cradle.

Is it real?m


Blogs and related stuff

    • Blogs and related stuff

      • Christian Barnard a blog by a British Columbia Landscape Architect, a good read by a young guy who looks at the World with a keen eye. Loves to talk about “designing spaces”, that sounds like me!
      • Garden Porn by Michelle Derviss, a left coast Landscape Designer. My only complaint about her Blog would be . . . doesn’t post enough. The link to the website is worth your effort also.
      • Rama Nayeri writes a blog from Southern California about her business as a Landscape Designer and events in her World of design, including help for enthusiast’s . . . it’s fun stuff!
      • A blog about design in Newfoundland, Canada. Good insight, and very good examples of design skills. Be sure to check out the samples of conceptual design in watercolor. Daisy Design-worth a look.
      • Visions; from Italy
      • This Garden is Illegal
      • Blackswamp Girl . . . great name
      • A Lake County Point of View; by Hank, the County Clerk.
      • Ellis Hollow a Blog about “Gardening, Politics, and More.”
      • Alina Chau, a very talented artist
      • Flatbush Gardener; Yes they garden in Brooklyn NY.
      • Garden Blog Directory at Cold Climate Gardening
      • Golden Gecko: he’s the “Blogging Nurseryman
      • Jason Heller; former student
      • Gardening Tips-n-ideas, Stuart Robinson has a very good blog, plus some good Aussie humor.
      • Eponym-A Blog Directory
      • Looking for a blog search? try Sphere
      • Bestest Blog of Day
      • A Garden Blog Directory, DiginDirt.com
      • Garden Rant
      • A blog called Illustration Art by David Apatoff  who really likes great pictures.
      • David Rael (nu link 12/22/06)
      • Kelley’s blog; Viggiatore, on her life in Italy.

      A conceptual design for a side entry/main entry.
      A conceptual design for a side entry/main entry.

      Cartoon blogs, more than cartoons, is the artist behind the cartoon

      • John K’s Stuff is at his blog called johnskstuff, the s t u f f is a lot more original than the name. A well written, and very informative blog . . . it’s damngoodstuff!

      A great cause:

      Free Rice.com siteHere’s your opportunity to help feed the hungry 20 grains of rice at a time. Take a vocabulary quiz and for every right answer 20 grains go into the kitty-paid for by the site’s sponsors . . . yeah!








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