Working With Stone: From Design to Install 2009

2009 Ohio State University Nursery Short Course

Sunday, January 25th, 2009


An in-depth workshop on everything that is stone, from evaluating the situation, to interviewing what the client needs to the actual design, and finally the install.

I will show several case -studies of various types of jobs so you can get an idea of what’s involved in getting into these types of projects. Large boulder using cranes to medium work with a skid-steer to working with wall stone, and even some wet work and paving ideas/projects.

I’ll get into a lot of stone usages and I am even prepared to go further/deeper into one subject if that’s what the majority of the class asks for.

I’m here to give you a look at stone and ways of “looking” at stone you may not have thought of.

With work in over a dozen states and using stone from The Rockies to the Appalachians down thru the Smokies to using Caine Creek Boulders, and gold quarry waste, I’ve worked with a lot of stone.

More info to follow, I will even discuss what options are available for class participants to come here and ask about something specific to add to the workshop

What to bring to maximize the class:

Bring along some of your favorite drawing pens, pencils, markers as we look at better ways to render, draw stone . . . allowing you(the Designer) to better communicate with the client what it is you are trying to achieve.

Areas of the Workshop:

  1. Design
  2. Rendering Stone
  3. The Designer/Client process
  4. What’s available to use in Ohio
  5. Why Stone over concrete block
  6. etc.

and much more As I flesh this out

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  1. Just today I found out about your work when reading about the Nursery Workshop. Sorry that I will not be able to attend. I have a great interest in sandstone. My husband and I own two historic sandstone buildings. The Kindelberger Stone House and Barn in Monroe County. The stone was quarried and dressed here on our farm. The quarry is still here of course but no stone has been quarried for years. No one knows the craft any longer. I would like to attend one of your seminars in the future. I saw the picture of the sandstone church in Barnesville. We are within 30 miles of it.

    Thanks for posting. I’d love to see your buildings next time I’m down that way. I’d also like to take a look at those quarries.

    We will be holding more stone workshops in the future, including some hands on build stuff, and some interesting sculptural aspects to working with stone . . . it’ll be good stuff.

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