Rain Garden(s)

April 19th, 2009

Okay, what I am hoping to do with this page is warehouse information I find on rain gardens. whether it be federal, state, city or local information.

What I am finding out is that there is a tremendous amount of bad information out there, and a lot of silly information.

The typical over simplification of a good idea . . . you know the dumbing down thing.

So the start of this page happens(ed) on April 19th, 2009

Links to Cities/Municipalities

  • Lansing, MI images of city street rain gardens
  • Lansing, MI a plan view pdf of city street rain garden.
  • Lansing, MI a computer generated rendering of a rain garden along a city street.

Links to Nurseries

Nurseries that promote the use of rain gardens and the use of a certain set of plants for this type of garden. I think most of these list will be considered natives, or non-threatening non-natives . . . how’s that for a phrase?

  • Wildtype a ‘native plant nursery’ located in Mason, MI.

Information sites that promote rain gardens:

  • Rain Gardens of Western Michigan a interesting blurb on the site: Rain gardens, or bioretention systems, were first conceived of in 1990 by stormwater specialists in the state of Maryland. Since that time, a number of people, municipalities and organizations have influenced and enhanced the rain garden movement in the United States.


I realize this could turn into a huge list, huge. for now(at the start) I am going to keep it this way and will go from there.

  • Smart Growth Online is about the environment, housing, health, transportation, economics, design, and quality of life issues.
  • Sustainable Communities Network. Lets call it a site that links people and communities together in the search of information on sustainable issues. Wow, what a wacky sentence and definition I’ve just created there.

Federal Government Sites

I’m sure that I will eventually link to several sites that are carrying info on rain gardens and rain garden issues.


*I’m sure I’ll come up with more categories, and I am looking for suggestions.

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