Bob’s Wheels . . . part 2

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Well this ought to give you an idea of the size of some of these incomplete millstones that I spoke of in the last post. They are quite large, come in varying degrees of thickness and diameters. The cool part is some of them have had a lot of exposure to the weather which has created interesting patterns on the stone.

Another great aspect of this weathering are the millstones that have been in a lot of shade. Sandstone is a great host for moss and some of these stones are close to completely covered, we would take great care to remove them with as much moss as possible. Of course they would need to stay in a shady location for the moss to remain.

By the way that is not Bob in the photo, that is the fella that owns the property and asked Bob to come in and help him with the removal of the millstones. Posted by Picasa

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