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posted, 09/00/06-posted while using Blogger
I’ve noticed that I have the dreaded red exclamation mark in my Bloglines feed, plus a reader of mine was kind enough to point out the problem also; thanks Anna.

What I had done in the past was go back to the site and just re-subscribe to the url, I think that has worked for me. So what I have done this morning is to put a new Bloglines button in my sidebar for those of you using Bloglines for a news reader.

I like the Bloglines set up for going through blogs so I hope this works. This has happened to me 5 or 6 times. So I hope this works for you. The orange button leads you to the Feedburner RSS for this site and there you can choose your feed if you don’t want to use Feedburner.

I guess all of us dig in the dirt types need to stick together, and just struggle our way through cyberspace.

Questions, yell at me.

p.s. you can also get this sent to your mailbox, just check the box on the sidebar.

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By Rick Anderson

The Whispering Crane Institute was originally formed to act as the umbrella organization for the Philosophy of Design Symposium, and other seminars and workshops given by Rick Anderson and Richard L. Dube’. In the year 2000 WCI became a sole proprietorship owned by Rick Anderson. Today the WCI provides design and consultation services for Landscape Contractors, acts as a Green Industry think tank, and provides training for others in the form of workshops, seminars, and individual consulting. The WCI also provides written material, opinions, case-studies and how-to articles for industry trade magazines.

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  1. 4 comments:

    Carol said…

    I still can only see your blog from my desktop computer… on my laptop, I just get a blue screen and then I can scroll down and see the sidebar stuff. So when I am on my desk top (like now), I make it a point to visit and check out what is going on.
    9:20 PM
    Rick Anderson said…

    Thanks again for those kind words Carol. Glad you could make it by.
    1:17 AM
    Carol said…

    Hey, good news! I tried again from my laptop, and your blog is working for me again!
    9:50 PM
    Rick Anderson said…

    Great Carol, sooner or later . . . sooner or later.

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