Wow! all I can say is wow!

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posted, 09/07/06

The Blogger Team has posted me up as their latest Blogs of Note. Thank you. I’m not sure what to say. I started this to pass along info to those in my profession who were looking for more on Landscape Design. I will continue to do so as long as I have any interest in this profession. Which will be the day I die.

When you consider all the things, philosophies, news, stories, tech stuff, etc. out there in Blog World, that the profession of Landscape Design would be considered in this way-well you’ve made my day. Thank you again.

To those of you who keep coming back, keep e-mailing me, asking questions, or calling me. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it very much and I will continue to try and make this a site for great information on the World of Landscape Design and all the surrounding elements of this profession.

The drawing is titled possibilities because as Landscape Designers we do 2 things 1st and foremost:

  1. Solve problems: people/clients call us because they need us to remedy a bad situation and make something great happen.
  2. Possibilities: A good designer can take an average space/yard; whatever, and turn it into something great, something worthwhile-we improve the quality of peoples lives. Its a great feeling.

2 Replies to “Wow! all I can say is wow!”

  1. 8 comments:

    Anonymous said…

    Nice site. Are you an artist or something? The red pencil sketch looks like art!
    3:51 PM
    Teri said…

    The sketch looks so nice…I love it…Did you draw it? I always want to draw something like that…and I tried several times…but It never works…I guess I wasn’t born with drawing talents…But I love enjoying in arts and try to imagine what artists are thinking when they are drawing particular pictures…Anyway, Thanks for posting info about landscaping…Your blog is informative rather than entertaining….
    6:19 PM
    Alex said…

    I agree!

    Welcome to the blogger front page: the “blogs of note” list.
    7:20 PM
    Dan Jeppson said…

    Love your site, would be fun to let you visit Greenland and do some landscaping, our nature is quite different from other areas in the world! I live in the arctic Greenland, Nuuk.

    Keep it up!

    Dan Jeppson
    9:11 PM
    blend77 said…

    hi. i was just contemplating starting a blogon this site, and lo and behold i come across the “blog of note”…i think your page has sealed the deal. you have adapted the theme of your work to the blog space so well, i believe you can form it into anything…i will begin trying to do this….and i am bookmarking your page cuz i find your work intriguing and amazing…thanks! tim
    8:53 AM
    Rick Anderson said…

    No I’m a Landscape Designer not an “artist” though some would argue that we are, as we work in a 3-Dand 4-D World.

    I’m glad that I am at least informative, though a little entertainment doesn’t hurt.

    I’m still surprised I made that list, and I’ve no idea what 7 plants you have up there in Greenland!

    As to all the kind words-thanks.
    10:01 AM
    Orhan Kahn said…

    By what I’ve seen so far you definetly belong on ‘Blogs of Note’.

    Great site. Keep up the good work.
    8:17 AM
    Rick Anderson said…

    Thanks Orhan-stay out of jail 🙂

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