More info on the National Garden

posted, 09/30/06
Yesterday’s post linked you directed to the U.S. Botanical Garden site, today I have a link to
the Washington Post with a very good article on the National Garden.

The article goes in depth to the history of the Gardens development. There looks like a lot of
politics involved at times. here’s hoping the garden turns out well. We need more culture in
our lives and great public gardens are part of that culture.

One Reply to “More info on the National Garden”

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    Gary said…

    Not sure if we have a “National Garden” in the UK, but you might want to have a look at which is a series of gardens that were planted by a guy called Geoff Hamilton for the ever-popular Gardeners World BBC TV programme (see also ).

    Barnsdale Gardens was a plot of land that was used as a series of “projects” for the programme and grew to the size that it is now. After Geoff Hamiltons early death it was opened to the public and has been ever since.
    11:19 AM
    Rick Anderson said…

    Thanks Gary, when I get a chance I will.

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