posted, 10/21/06

Say it ain’t so ??? Could it really be happening? Could it be the end of the Pink Flamingo? This great American Icons days look to be numbered. . . . . . Not to be confused with this Pink Flamingo.

For a more complete history on this great piece of Americana, and something that should be part of every front yard landscape you need more information. I think this is some really great background on this perfect piece of yard art. But for others where else but Wikipedia; and it’s take on the Pink Flamingo

I originally found out about this story in a blurb on boingboing, and I’m glad I did. If you’re interested in going to the site where the famous Pink Flamingo is sold, here you go.

I’m not sure what will happen . . . will someone step in? Or will the Pink Flamingo go by the wayside? Eagerly sought out at estate sales, yard sales, auctions, or mad bidding on E-bay. Or will this great American Icon go the way of other great American icons, and be made overseas in some small insignificant shop in an unknown, unpronounceable town in a small relatively unknown country.

This is the place to comment.

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