Garden Theivery

posted, 11/13/06
Okay, now I understand someone stealing an occasional lawn mower, or barbecue grill. I mean you can sell the mower and you got to eat. But stealing the furniture? Stealing the flagstone? Stealing the Koi? Then stealing the pond . . . . ?!??!?!? What the heck is going on.

It appears there is a major garden crime wave in Great Britain, and the thieves are busy, really busy.

I have not seen anything like this here, in terms of these types of numbers. If anyone has seen some numbers please pass along the link. I would appreciate it.

I do remember back in the mid-90’s when I lived in South Carolina there was a brand new upscale neighborhood where there were several installs and that 1st night a gang of crooks would dig up all the newly planted plants, stripping the landscape bare. This went on for several months and no one was ever caught.

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By Rick Anderson

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    Blackswamp_Girl said…

    The koi AND the pond? Quite impressive–although impressive is way too positive of a word for that.

    Several years ago, several of the cultural gardens in Cleveland were stripped bare of plants. They didn’t catch those people, either, to my knowledge. Here’s an article about it:
    (Please ignore the author’s attempts at being cutesy and edgy–this is one of those “alternative” weeklies that is best utilized for entertainment, not news.)
    7:28 PM
    Gary said…

    There is a big black market in the UK for Yorkstone flags.

    What are yorkstone flags I hear you ask ?

    Paving stones is the answer, but proper old paving stones, big slabs of sandstone or millstone grit that were hewn out of quarries 100 years ago and laid in all of our town and city centres.

    Police are now very aware that pavements tend not to be repaired at night, nor do the so-called “workmen” have to lift all of the “flags” up and put them on the back of a truck to level the pavement off properly 🙂
    7:58 AM
    Rick Anderson said…

    BG interesting stuff, thanks for the link, I am curious about what kind of pond you can steal.

    Gary, stone is not a high desire item to the point of black market. I am fascinated by that.

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