Another; Nothing to do with Landscape Design Post

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Sometimes you just come across something so weird, or so interesting you just feel compelled to post it on your Blog.

So, if your hungry does this make you hungrier? Or should I ask if you will ever look at a hamburger the same way again? Maybe I should ask . . . will you ever look at ketchup and mustard the same way again?

Burger Warrior

[From a Chinese web-site]


Addendum: Deadlines, I am under big deadlines and big demand to have stuff done, which we all know is usual in the business. I’m sure the Blog will always fall a little behind this time of year.


Continue to be the number one search term on this Blog, anyone in the field want to hazard a guess why this is so. Why not pavers? and stone work? stone walls? or arbors? Why pergola’s?

One Reply to “Another; Nothing to do with Landscape Design Post”

  1. There is mystery in the word pergola. What is a pergola anyway? A pergola is a destination, a portal, it is a window from here to there. “Pergola” is old-world, it brings to mind a time when we were rested and relaxed.

    The nature of a pergola is one of resting. The horizontal entablature is resting on supporting columns providing a peaceful environment for thoughtful reflection.

    Pavers, stone work, stone walls in the context of pergola are ancillary to the pergola. They are mere supporters of the pergola.

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