My Garden

One thought on “My Garden

  1. Ooooh… Rick, you’re a garden tease! Judging by that container behind the canna, the rest of the garden must be as spectacular as I had imagined. 🙂

    Actually I have a long way to go, I have concentrated on this area next to the back of the house, and on the veg. garden. With several acres I have a long way to go. I am planting several hundred grasses next month so that will help.

    By the way, is that a ‘Red Sensation’ cordyline behind the canna? I planted one in a round pot (on the other side of the door from my canna urn, ironically enough) and surrounded it with an airy purple-flowering verbena and various coleus. I love that architectural presense the cordylines and phormiums have.

    Yep, part of my burgundy pot. like a lot of Designers(good ones 🙂 ), I am a sucker for texture, foliage, and ‘presence’.

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