An Appreciation of Stone (31)

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curbstone piles

[One of “a lot” of random piles of old curbstone.]

Couple of weeks ago I went off to look at a small pile of curbstone. We had hoped to find enough to put in several sets of steps and landings. What I found went way beyond that. I hit the semi-motherlode, a mini-jackpot.

This guy has several thousand linear feet of this great old curbstone, several thousand . . .

The project only requires 400 linear feet or so, so there is a lot more to be had. If you are looking and can buy a semi-load at a time get in touch and I’ll fill you in on the details.

This old stuff has great patina, the old gray sandstone works well in most all outdoor situations, and let’s face it-it looks a heck of a lot better than modular block, and a hell of a lot better than concrete.

4 Replies to “An Appreciation of Stone (31)”

  1. Wow, I’m envious. I wish I was up for a semi-load! It looks perfect. Hmmm.

    Well then, build the house(hope I got the right Pam), and then we’ll see what we can do.

  2. Good morning!
    Where can this wonderful stone be found? I’m in Dallas, Tx and this sounds too good to pass up. Of course, if it’s not close by, then perhaps someone else will have a better opportunity.
    Thank you and happy gardening day!

    Opportunity, that’s why we have semi’s, to ruck this stuff along and on down the road. Location; entirely secret, except it is in Eastern Ohio.

  3. Hey – yes, you’re right. I need to get the house built first. There is that little detail. I obviously would rather than about my garden than think about the house-building process!

  4. Wow just what I’ve been dreaming of. I’m in Northwest Ohio can I come pick some up?


    Sure . . . give me a call! heck; how much? We can get it to you.

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