An Appreciation of Stone (36)

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A double set of Briar Hill sandstone walls, before the planting(s) occurred.

sandstone, stone wall, Briar Hill

[Briar Hill: 7 and 3/4 inch ht. plus 1 and 3/4 ht sections. ]

This wall stone usually ships out at those heights and the length is 34 to 36 inches. I do all the “rock-facing” to create those edges and that awesome shadow line.

2 Replies to “An Appreciation of Stone (36)”

  1. How can this posting go uncommented for so long?


    I am unfamilure with this type of stone.

    Briar Hill Sandstone from central Ohio

    Is it natually taken from the ground in the dimensions you have stated?

    Nope, they have to do some slabbing and snapping to break it down to those dimensional wall sizes.

    I take from your comments that the shadow line is created by the stone mason and is not natural.

    In this case the stone mason was me, and yes we chip, face or rock face the stone to create that shadow line-that drama.

    That’s an interesting touch and not too hard to create.

    This is a very nice wall that invites plantings.

    Plantings were added to beds over the following year’s time.

    I have an application that would be well dressed with a wall like this. This stone seems to be worked easily. The length of the stone appears to make curved walls smoothly.

    What is the depth of the stone?

    Dimensions approx. 30″-34″ long, 7 and3/4″ height and just under 8″ thick(deep). The 8″ depth is what classifies this type of Bria Hill stone as wallstone.


  2. I love using stonework in my garden. Every few months, I want to tear it all out and start over. Great post.

    Thanks Matt, Hope I can post more stone, walls, stuff that you can enjoy.

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