landscape plan, concept drawing

[ Drawing shows a “new” patio on an English style Tudor house.]

This is an older plan view, from around 2002-early 2003. I just can’t remember the exact time. The idea was to match up some stone patio and columns to match up with one of those Tudor style houses.

An aside this landscape study and following plans fell through and this project was not installed. At least not to this plan.

I don’t know if another contractor came in and found another solution.

I would like to see this backyard, and see if anything came out of this. Considering the style and SIZE of this house I would think something would have had to happened here . . . but what?


Addendum: Note the lazy lettering with this style of rough drawing. I would think that I still work with this lazy style in rough drawings except the mixing of upper and lower case lettering. Everything today is upper-case.

Even for landscape studies, and rough landscape conceptuals.

One Reply to “Long Ago Design(1)”

  1. Hi Rick,
    I was just curious as to how you determined the location of the focal point which is 25′ away from the patio. Not the 25′ distance, but the placement in regards to the patio width. It doesn’t seem to be midpoint and there are no doors or windows showing to indicate that it is placed as a view from an interior space. Perhaps it doesn’t matter, or maybe it is just “sketchy”.

    At any rate, nice design.

    Thanks Susan; now about that wall. That wall was already decided on and the footer in place when I 1st showed up. The architect for the residence had already decided a wall was going there, the shape of the wall, the height of the wall, and the material(a buff sandstone block-laid ashlar style) and the exact placement of the wall . . . no if’s and’s or buts!

    So I had to come up with a plan to complement the house, and not compete with “the wall”.

    Tough job, tough contractor, tough clients; but hey-anytime you are dealing with someone who has a ‘turret’ built into their house . . . well, you know 🙂

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