An Appreciation of Stone (45)

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A Beautiful Pile of Curbing
A Beautiful Pile of Curbing

Look at this great big pile of old sandstone curbing laying in wait for a good home.

Large aging slabs of fine Ohio sandstone . . . hidden away, that’s right, hidden away.

In a field of weeds and large piles of old street bricks.

Behind abandoned buildings wondering will there ever be a usefulness to my exsistience?

Steps, walks, curbing, walls . . . sculptural art in the garden?

I wonder.

2 Replies to “An Appreciation of Stone (45)”

  1. I’ve been stumbling on–sometimes literally, lots of similar stone during my walks into not so inviting places (Otherwise known as no trespass zone)
    Ive been tempted to take some back with me, but it seems somehow, they belong to people that built whatever now lies in ruin.

    Probably so, in that case I would believe you make a good decision on leaving them where they were laying.

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