Whispering Crane Institute chopI have returned from the CENTS show today and am ready to get back to the swing of things, including a project or two.

More on the show and my thoughts on some of the presenters in my next post.

Most of you probably know the weather played havoc wiht driving in Ohio yesterday, so a bunch of us stayed and last night we had a 4 hour conversation on design principles,

  1. What are design principles?
  2. What order you teach design principles?
  3. Does it even matter if you teach design principles?
  4. Design principles vs. intuitive design.
  5. Then the big discussion: what are basic design principles vs. advanced design principles?

On and on it went?  It was great . . . and a consensus was never reached.

One Reply to “Back from Columbus”

  1. well, here I find myself, sippin’ coffee and surfing the topic of landscape design principles, for I am fairly fired up on the subject, and who do I come across on page three of the surf, but the whispering crane himself! this is sure not a static topic, but that’s the fun! now for more snow shoveling…

    Page 3! page THREE!?!?!?!? I’m going to have to work harder, I plan on doing an entire series on design principles during Febuary-time permitting

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